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Ruinlas Heads North

Ethuilir / Aug 22, 2017
What can knowledge do without action? What words do these pages breathe that the wind hath whispered not? What more can they tell... hither in the candle-flame within these silent walls?

I have traveled from Ered Luin to Bree-land and back, and word has oft blown from the North - word of danger. Alas, it may be time to leave these pages and the safety of these walls...

... for these pages as they are will not end a war.

Danger does indeed not hide itself in Trestlebridge. Many are in mourning or are injured themselves, and some dwellings were aflame.

What tidings will these strangers bring? ... And why does one of them question my concern for the other folk?

One other questioned it not - Isldar - and hither we stood against the orcs. Soon after, we invaded the nearby enemy encampment and discovered... black powder.

Two nights has passed and I went to patrol the land. I also plan to reach Lin Giliath and learn what goes on with the elves there.

Not too far from the bastion of Amon Raith, I overheard some voices in the ruins of Minas Vrun, and so I investigated and came across another band of strangers. One among them - Thorontir - would not trust me unless I take off my mask. I had already sent away my steed and my raven several minutes before and later offered my brazier-staff and my lantern, and had already spoken of names that Thorontir recorgnized...

Having exhausted my options, I receded and doffed my mask, and soon enough the 'hostility' was gone. We spoke of our businesses and I told them I was headed eastwards to Meluinen where Lin Giliath lies. They told me they are headed southwards but had to take respite in the ruins for a few of them were injured or needed rest. I suggested they visit the bastion of Amon Raith for the few folk there may be of some aid to them. I later told them of the orcs near Trestlebridge and of the black powder. Dire news it was indeed, but we could discuss it no further for it was time that I departed.

- Thanks for the RP! And thank you to Isldar, Thorontir, Megorind, Rowan, and the rest of the folk. (Alas, I do not have the memory of an elf to remember all of you. xD) I hope to see you again! -


cool - will this northern journey be a regular thing?

also, your pics aren't showing
I hoped to make it semi-regular but, well, my internet runs out way too soon every month. :3 See if you can get anything going with Isldar; he's in the channel. I don't know where EotN is now at this point. xD

Crap, I forgot I used Imgur instead of Google Photos for the screenshots. (I can see them though. Don't know why it's only me who can see them...) Hang on, I'll update them...

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