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The Enemy Moves

Ethuilir / Dec 21, 2016
It seems that the enemy never ceases to move, and so we must. 'Twas time to end this diversion and finally heed Barachen's information. Hence, southwestwards from Nan Tornaeth we went through the valley, under the light of the stars. This route we chose lest Thorenhad is watched by unfriendly eyes.

But unfriendly beasts did we meet throughout our journey, all of which seem to be under the influence or restless because of our enemies. Lorfalma led the way, cutting through bear and worm alike - no spies thankfully - 'til we arrived at the fabled glade of the Bilbo's Stone Trolls, eternally frozen by sunlight's curse. Thence, we followed the way west and south, met by trolls and cave-claws, back to the main road where we sought the white stone marking the location of Barachen's camp.

I spoke with Barachen and he divulged that a certain Onod in the Giant's Valley, east across the Bruinen, knows of our target's whereabouts, and thus, that is our next destination. But for now, we rest.

Our target is no fool's game.

- Thank you all for the RP! And Happy Holidays! -


looks like i missed the photo op with Bilbo's petrified trolls! but happy holidays, and now it's time to come back! :)
p.s. Ethuilir, in your last post and this one, i can't see any of the pics except the title shot - previous posts are fine
Gah! I updated the links now. :3 Will you tell me where do you host your photos? I used to host mine on Facebook but the links changed and so I started hosting them on Google Photos for the past three posts, but then they failed to load again in these last two posts after some time...

I would host them here on Shivtr if not for the limit. :\
still can't see 'em ๐Ÿ˜†
i use photobucket cos it's free but i warn you the ads are a pain
Agh! >_< I'll try imgur when I'm not being lazy but I couldn't get that working yesterday...
I uploaded the screenshots to imgur now and updated this and the previous post. :3
indeed, pics are showing now ๐Ÿ‘

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